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The Goalkeeper Gets Banned For 8 Years For Hitting The Referee

The Goalkeeper Gets Banned For 8 Years For Hitting The Referee

A goalkeeper has raised his hand against a referee in Germany’s lower level football league. The result is a 7-year ban.

Arguments in football matches, clashes are nothing new. Unable to accept the decision, the referee raised his hand against the body is not less. A goalkeeper has been banned from football for six years after being involved in an incident in Germany’s lower level league. The local football association punished him.

The incident took place last September. The match was between SV Apam and CSV Marathon Tour. The referee blew the whistle for the hosts in a controversial decision in the 70th minute of the match held at Apam ground. But the guest party protested. They claimed that the goal was scored from the offside. A CSV footballer saw a red card while protesting against this. Then, when the match started again, the goalkeeper left his goal post and jumped from behind and hit the referee.

The media did not reveal the full name of the CSV goalkeeper. There are legal restrictions in Germany. Only one part of the name has been reported. He has been charged with the offense after hitting the referee. The match was then called off after hitting the referee. Meanwhile, his club CSV Marathon Two-O took a tough position against the goalkeeper. He was not allowed to come to the club. However, the club did not immediately ban him for legal reasons. “Players like him will not get a second chance in the CSV marathon,” Axel Webs, the club’s chief executive, told ESPN.

After that incident, CSV has lobbied to ensure maximum punishment for their goalkeeper. The local football association finally banned Samet for six years on Thursday. Webb said, ‘Now we can get him out. There is no chance of attacking the referee. We are doing an honorable job but such activities take away all the fun. ‘ He also has to swear in court.

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