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Shakib Al Hasan Was Dissatisfied With The Batting in IPL

Shakib was dissatisfied with the batting in ipl

Whether Al Hasan will get a chance in the team or not, as much as there were doubts before the announcement of the XI of the match. That suspicion has ended, Bangladesh’s cricket fans and Shakib fans have survived. Kolkata Knight Riders will take on Shakib in their first match of the IPL against Sunrisers Hyderabad today.

But after getting down to bat, Kolkata opener Nitish Rana and then Rahul Tripathi, who got down to three, were batting in such a way that then the Shakib fans might be worried whether Shakib would get the batting or not!

Shakib got the wicket with the first ball.
Shakib got the wicket with the first ball. Photo: IPL
Got it in the end. But what Shakib has been able to do, even if he did not bat, Shakib fans might have been less sorry. Shakib came down the last ball of the 16th over of the innings, managed to make only 3 runs off 5 balls before the last ball of the innings was out!

Though Shakib could not, Kolkata scored 16 runs for 6 wickets against Rana and Tripathi in two fifties. Shakib, who could not do anything against his former team, got the wicket with the first ball.

Though not the fans of Kolkata, Shakib’s fans will ‘thank’ Afghanistan off-spinner Mohammad Nabi for the fact that Shakib was able to bat in the end. In the 16th over, Nabi picked up Nitish and Eoin Morgan with two balls in a row and Shakib got the chance to bat!

When Shakib first got a chance to bat with a ball, the last ball of the 16th over was going on. Shakib opened the run record with 1 run by pushing the ball of Nabi and also kept the strike. This means that the left-arm all-rounder will definitely get a chance to bat in the next over as well.

T Natarajan came to bowl the 19th over. The first ball of his former team’s left-arm pacer is wide. Shakib took 1 run by pushing Long On again after the valid first ball. Shakib’s partner Dinesh Karthik took 1 run in the next ball in the style of ‘Uthan Kurono’ and Shakib came to the crease again. This time something will happen, will you see Shakib’s bat with four or six? – Shakib fans who are waiting for such a question are almost startled. Defeated Shakib escaped being bowled when Natarajan’s yorker-length ball fell a few inches off the stumps. 1 run again in the next ball.

Shakib didn’t get a chance to bat in that over, Karthik kept the strike with a single after a four off the last two balls. What will Shakib get in the last over, then that is the doubt. Even though it seemed like Shakib’s style of play, his plan now is to bring Karthik to the crease with a single. Maybe that was the plan of the team!

Shakib was dissatisfied with the batting in ipl
Shakib was dissatisfied with the batting in ipl

Rahul Tripathi has done fifty.
Rahul Tripathi has done fifty. Photo: IPL
Bhubaneswar Kumar’s fourth over of the last over made it even clearer. Karthik took two runs after six-four in the first three balls. Two runs in the fourth ball after a wide in the middle, but the risk to return to the strike again Kartik Shakib did not run so hard, two runs were not supposed to be there. However, it did not benefit. Karthik was able to take the single in the fifth ball, the last ball of the innings so Shakib had to go on strike.

It did not remain undefeated! Bhubaneswar’s over-the-wicket slow ball was in the off-stump line. Shakib, who was already standing on the leg side with the stance of hitting, drove, but did not bat. Abdul Samad ran from midwicket and caught. Shakib’s thrilling short innings ended.

Shakib got the wicket with the first ball. Riddhiman Saha has been dismissed.
Though Shakib could not, Rana and Tripathi did not lack the thrill of the four-six sparkle in Kolkata’s innings. Especially Rana. Brendon McCullum played a 157-run innings in the first innings of the first edition of the IPL in 2006. No one has scored a century for Kolkata since then. Today it seemed that Rana will end the wait! In the end it didn’t. However, Kolkata fans will be satisfied with what has happened.

Karthik played a great cameo at the end.
Karthik played a great cameo at the end. Photo: IPL
Rana made 60 off 56 balls before being caught by Nabi in the third ball of the 18th over. So that 4 9s, 4 sixes. Rana took Shubhaman Gill by storm in the opening match. Kolkata scored 50 runs in the power play. Gill (15 off 13 balls) was dismissed in the last ball of the seventh over, but then there was no stopping, on the contrary, Kolkata’s innings was more dynamic. Rana made 93 off 50 balls with Tripathi in the third wicket partnership.

The push came in the 16th over. Tripathi was dismissed for 53 off 29 balls with five fours and two sixes off Rashid Khan. Natarajan came and returned to Andre Russell (5). Then in the 16th over Nabi hit a pair. Shakib could not. However, the former captain Karthik, who scored 22 runs off 9 balls with 2 fours and 1 six, is credited with the fact that Kolkata got some runs out of fear of losing their way in the end.

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