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Print Zinta does not commit ‘fear’ with a heart attack

Print Zinta does not commit ‘fear’ with a heart attack

Preity Zinta can only have a cardiologist at this time of year. Every IPL season the Punjab team takes the ultimate test of his heart function. Bollywood actress and her business partner Ness Wadia have changed the name of Kings XI Punjab.

The franchise has been known as Punjab Kings since last time. Even though the name was changed, their fate did not change. The last time IPL was not won. Last time, Punjab ended the match in a tense atmosphere till the last ball of the last over.

Punjab Kings have maintained their character in the first match of this season. The only match of the IPL was flooded yesterday. Punjab scored 221 for 7 at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai. The party did not allow the supporters to get peace even though they were sitting on the top of Kandahar. There was anxiety till the last ball, Punjab may lose this match.

In the end, Punjab got a dramatic victory. Bollywood actress Preity Zinta has poured her emotions on Twitter after winning such a match. He said that his team is trying to get a heart attack in every match again.

Samson could not win the team.
Samson could not win the team. Photo: IPL
Yesterday, KL Rahul (91), Chris Gayle (40), and Deepak Huda (64) took Punjab to 221 runs. Sanju Samson scored such a big goal almost alone. The new captain did the job of winning the match in a great inning of 119 runs.

Samson, who became the first captain in the history of the IPL to score a century, had to score only 13 runs in the last over. Samson was supposed to do the job very easily with Arshadwip Singh. Because he was batting for 112 runs. Chris Morris, on the other hand, made history by the highest bid price in the IPL auction.

Samson made 2 runs off the first three balls. Samson hit a six off the fourth ball to freeze the match. Samson did not get a chance to run in the fifth ball. Samson could not overcome the difficult task of taking 5 runs in the last ball. Arshadwip won Punjab by forcing him to catch in deep cover.

Punjab won the match dramatically again.
Punjab won the match dramatically again. Photo: IPL
With the victory of 4 runs, the kings of Punjab were able to leave the field with a smile. And Preity Zinta has also been able to tweet jokes about her team. After the match, he tweeted, ‘Wow, what a great match! Playing in new names and new jerseys, Punjab is not stopping our fear of having a heart attack in the match. What can be done? It was not the perfect match for us. But the last one was perfect. I say to KL Rahul, Deepak Huda, and all the boys, wow! ‘

It is nothing new in Punjab for Preity Zinta to cause heart problems in this way. Last season, Punjab made the easy match against Royal Challengers Bangalore very difficult. Punjab needed only 6 runs in the last two overs to wait till the last ball.

He also tweeted at the end of the match, ‘In the end, we got the much-needed victory. Hopefully, our team will not cause a heart attack in the name of cricket. I give a necessary warning match Punjab’s match is not for the faint of heart. However, the RCB bowlers were praised for turning around.

Punjab Kings could not get rid of that habit again!

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