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After 1,069 Days in IPL, 14 Crore Batsman Glenn Maxwell Hit Six

After 1,069 Days in IPL, 14 Crore Batsman Glenn Maxwell Hit Six

What kind of batsman is Glenn Maxwell? Anyone who has researched cricket will say with his eyes closed, a man who has changed the look of the ball. Sometimes you lose!

Yesterday almost lost in the IPL. The Indian media, however, is divided — some say, sent to the roof of the stadium, no one claims the ball was not inside the stadium. Floating in the air.

For Maxwell, the six is ​​like the ghost of Sindabad coming down from his back. The Australian all-rounder hit two sixes for Royal Challengers Bangalore yesterday. His 39 off 28 balls helped Bangalore win by two wickets. However, these innings have helped Maxwell the most.

His sixes have brought back the confidence to hit. Maxwell himself regained this confidence and said goodbye to the ‘ghost’ of the fairy tale, which is used to refer to a problem in the eighteen cents.

This problem is not just a puzzle of not being able to hit sixes. Maxwell was in Nidarun Ranakhara in the last IPL. He scored only 106 runs in 13 matches. Virender Sehwag commented on the performance of Punjab’s Rs 10 crore 75 lakh players. He called Maxwell a ‘cheerleader worth Rs 100 crore’ in the IPL.

The number of people who frowned on Maxwell at a cost of Rs 14.25 crore in Bangalore this time was not very high. Because no one has any doubt about his ability in T20 cricket. An innings, a ball, or even a moment of a fraction of a second can bring any batsman back into the rhythm.

After returning to the rhythm yesterday, the Bangalore star told the IPL website, “Of course I like it. Last year I could not hit a single six. I told that to Virat too. It seems that the ghost has come down from the back of the bat. It started well. With the captain at the other end, the job has become easier. ‘

His 52-ball 52 with Kohli laid the foundation for Bangalore’s victory. Maxwell’s first six off Krunal Pandya in the 11th over was more than 100 meters away. Kohli could not hide his surprise after seeing such a big six.

It was his first six after a long 1,069 days in the IPL! Maxwell’s confidence came back with the right bat. So don’t be late. Rahul Chahar played the first ball of the next over with a ‘switch hit’ – a six over a deep point!

After the win, Kohli tried to explain Maxwell’s sixes last season. The Bangalore captain said the Australian star could not play his game as he was in the center of everyone’s interest. “It is risky to be in the center of interest all the time. That is what happened to Maxwell. Everyone was paying too much attention to him. In fact, just buying a player doesn’t end the job, you just have to look after it. ‘

Bangalore is working to keep an eye on Maxwell. Will Maxwell be able to keep an eye on Bangalore in return?

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